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Jay's Treaty/Foreign Policy


1. President Washington brought in chief justice John Jay to London in 1794 as a last desperate gamble to avert war.

2. Jay's unpopular pact, vitalized the Democratic-Replublican party of Thomas Jefferson.

3. Jeffersonians thought this seemed like an object surrender to Britain, a betrayal of the Jeff. South. Southern planters would have to pay the major share of the pre-r depts.

4. France are in alliance with the Democratic-Replublicans. They thought the treaty was an initial step toward an alliance with Britain, a perpetual foe.

1. "He is vain, irritable, and a bad calculator of the force and probable effect of the motives which govern men. This is all the ill which can possibly be said of him. He is as disinterested as the Being who made him."(Thomas Jefferson)

This comment was made by Thomas because John Adams hardly saw eye to eye, Jefferson displayed grudging respect for Adams in a piece of private correspondence in 1787.

2."I will never send another minister to France without assurances that he will be received, respected, and honored as the representative of a great, free, powerful, and independent nation." (John Adams)

John Adams comment revealed his firmness in this message to Congress in 1768 to show how he felt about sending ministers to France and them not fully doing their jobs when they get there.

3. ""My opinion respecting the treaty, is the same now that it was: namely, not favorable to it, but that it is better to ratify it in the manner the Senate have advised (and with the reservation already mentioned), than to suffer matters to remain as they are, unsettled."

Washiington wrote this because he thought that after the treaty was passed and despite its faults,  Jay's Treaty was necessary in order to avoid war with Great Britain.

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By: Leon B. & Tatiana M.

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