Japanese Feudalism

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What is Japanese Feudalism?

              Great question! Japanese Feudalism which had different "classes" for jobs for the citizens to have. Most people, which would call it a system of jobs and well, that is what it is called. If you think of it as comparing/contrasting, the Caste System. One more thing... ITS A GOVERNMENT!  That is what I would say of Japanese Feudalism.

Leading to the rise of Feudalism in Japan

       Well, a group called Shogun (Japanese warlords) thought it would be nice to start a system. The system had "Classes" that showed whether they are higher or lower on the "scale". This was how they would tell "Which was which".

What are 3 art forms from ancient Japan

       The Japanese (back then), wrote EVERYTHING with brushes and paper. Mostly they made art work for depict landscapes, historical events, and daily life. One Depict Landscapes is The Great Wave it is based on a huge wave that would hit. Another artwork (that I do not know the name of it but it will be called Historical event). This artwork is a historical event... the war. The final artwork is Haiku. Haiku's are poems about certain things. This impacted Japan by showing a good way of history.

The Great Wave
War Charge

Thee Classes

Here I will show you from least to greatest the classes of the Feudal Japanese.

Merchants -  The lowest rank of the system. They just sell things.

Peasants and artisans- The second to lowest rank, made and selled things.

Samurai Warriors-  The "middle" of the system, Fought for the "Army"

Shogun and Daimyo- Basically  the Nobles of feudal japan

Emperor- The main leader of the WHOLE

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