I am 13 years old. I currently go to Boles JH, where I socialize with all my buddies and get an education. My church home is First Baptist Church of Arlington. I love my family, performing, music, and YouTube.

This is the Sepulveda Family: Mom (top left), Dad (top right), Me (13: bottom left), Maredia (14: bottom middle), Laurann (11: bottom right), and Micah (7: laying down).

Me with my older sister, Maredia. YES, she goes to Boles...she's in 8th grade. She is a very funny, sweet sister to me!

And above this text is a video of my younger sister, Laurann, getting her Kindle Fire for Christmas last year. She knew about the case, but she didn't know the Kindle would be IN the case. By the way, that is me walking by the camera as she runs off screen.

Last, but definitely not least is my sweet, adorable, funny, loving brother named Micah. He is my favorite sibling (Shh!!!). He is currently in 1st grade at Wood and one of the smartest kids I know.

My parents went to Arlington HS and were  high school sweethearts. They've been married for 25 years, and they are the best parents ever!

Next, I will introduce you to a few of my best friends...I have a LOT of friends. Not everyone could get in the picture, but all of my friends are the most amazing friends I could ever ask for!!

Meet Aiden, Cameron, Caroline, Faith, Whitney, and Beth! if I had enough pictures and time to put together a collage of ALL my friends, it would take years and take hundreds of pictures.

Okay...here are a few of my favorite things:

-the Gathering
-old movies/shows (Psycho, The Andy Griffith Show, The Ghost and Mr.Chicken, etc.)
-bacon cheeseburgers

-AND MUSIC: I love multiple artists, but my favorites are Pentatonix, Tobymac, Britt Nicole,  Rhett and Link, Mandisa, Jamie Grace, and Miranda Sings.

I think that after I graduate, I want to go to a college with a SUPERB music program, as music IS my passion, after all! After that, I want to meet the perfect guy and get married, and have 2 kids. Most importantly, I want to be God's light to others and inspire the people around me. Who knows, maybe i will have an album on the top of the charts and everyone will know who I am, or I might be a JH or HS choir director, helping other students be successful. I might even be a YouTuber and use my joy to make others happy!