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Obama:U.S. ready to take the lead in Ebola Fight

Summary: President Obama announced that there would be "a major increase" in response to Ebola. He announced  this after attending a briefing from staff at Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta. The U.S. will be sending troops, field hospital materials , health workers, and medical supplies. The U.S. is afraid that the virus will spread all over the world, so they are trying to stop it now. But, according to White house press secretary, John Earnest, there was a "very low" chance the virus could mutate. President Obama views this as "a global threat and demands a global response." Fighting the epidemic comes at a cost though, U.N. leaders are estimating they need about 1 billion dollars to fight it.

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Rights and opportunity are related to this story

Opportunity is related to this story because fighting Ebola early could prevent the epidemic to have the opportunity to spread worldwide. Also, it gives the many infected people in Africa opportunities that they would not otherwise have, when suffering from the deadly Ebola virus. The U.S. will have to act fast, according to Obama, because the more time that passes the more the virus spreads, resulting in more deaths.

This story also relates to rights because the Ebola virus is taking peoples' right to life and basic health care. The U.S. is trying to restore that right in Africa, and prevent the epidemic from spreading world wide by sending support to combat and hopefully defeat Ebola.

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