Simple Machines 🎧🎼🎬🎮🎨🎤

There are three different levers. A class one lever is when the fulcrum is between the effort and the object. A class two lever is when the object is between the fulcrum and the effort. A class three lever is when the effort is in between the fulcrum and the load. Here's a pic of a class one lever:

An example of a class two lever:

An example of a class three lever:

Inclined Planes

An inclined plane is a flat surface that's at an angle. An example of inclined plane:


A screw is a cylinder with an inclined plane wrapped around it. An example of a screw:


A wedge is a triangle made of wood, metal or some other material with one thick end and one thin end. It's usually used to split something apart.

an example of a wedge:

Wheel and axle

A wheel and axle is a simple lifting machine that has a rope that unwinds from the wheel to a circular drum or shaft

an example of a wheel and axle:


A pulley is a  wheel with a grooved rim for a chord to pass through

An example of a pulley:

The mechanical advantage formula

Mechanical advantage= output force/input force

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