Google Tricks

By Aubrey Brempong

Comparing Food Using vs.

Can’t decide between a burger or pizza for dinner? Type in “rice vs. quinoa,” for example, and you’ll receive side-by-side comparisons of the nutritional facts.

Exclude Certain Results

If you want to search for something, but want to make it a bit more specific, you can use a minus symbol to narrow down your search a bit and exclude certain results that don’t fit.

Use Periods for Results Within a Certain Number Range

If you’re shopping around and want to buy something within a certain price range or find something that has specific measurements, you can use two periods to set a range.

Get the Definition of a Word

You can quickly look it up using Google without flipping through a dictionary.

Look Up Flight Information

You can quickly look up flight information and see if there are any delays right on Google.

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