I portray myself as someone very unique, very girly and someone who doesn't care about what other people think. If you don't be yourself you won't have your own personality and you could be very boring. It's very important to be yourself and try not to be someone else, I always act myself and I be me everywhere I go and my friends like me for being me. I love to shop and I'm a girly girl but I'm not afraid to be that way because I'm just being myself. I have lots of confidence because I am a dancer and you need to be very confident and positive when dancing for everything to go the way you want it to. The image that I present to society is someone who is very confident, unique, girly, sweet, and someone who NEVER stops talking about Justin Bieber!

If I could portray myself  as someone else it would be BeyoncĂ©. I think Beyonce's fame and and talent is something I aspire to be because I dream of having that type of life, having lots of money , living in a big house, all the fancy cars and the paparazzi always wait for me. This differs from how I portray myself because I'm not famous or rich I am just a normal person. If I could I would have Beyonce's life except with my personality, name , and looks. I love my life now but that's my dream.

I wish to be seen as a nice person who is very girly, a great dancer and very sweet. All of my friends and family see me the way I want to be seen because they know me and have known me for the longest time. If there is someone I don't know that I see around school they might think bad of me or a way I don't want to be seen. It wouldn't bother me if someone I don't know doesn't like me, although I don't like that they think of me that way but I don't know them so I don't ever have to talk to them or deal with them.

My legacy is represented on twitter by using my account for Justin Bieber things, I am a belieber and so I fan girl on there with a lot of other JB fan accounts from all around the world.  Some fan accounts get noticed by JB he could tweet you or follow you. I use my Instagram a lot I follow a lot of people and I post the most recent things in my life. I really like how people  have to request to follow you because I only let people who I know follow me. On vine a lot of people unfollow me because I revine mostly all justin bieber stuff but I don't mind because I know it's pretty annoying but I'm not going to stop

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