S.T.A.T Spotlight!

Showcasing and reflecting on the hard working teachers and practices at CLETS :)

Starring....Valerie Pollard!

This "STAT Spotlight" edition focuses on Valerie Pollard's fifth grade class. Mrs. Pollard's math workshop rotations are engaging and rigorous. There is even a student facilitating a small group! You will also see evidence of blended and personalized learning!

Small Groups

In one of Mrs. Pollard's small groups, a student was acting as the facilitator and coach. This group was already familiar with Order of Operations. Students were taking turns showing their thinking and explaining to the group how the retrieved their answer, using the acronym PEMDAS. What great collaboration!

After giving another small group time to explore with Order of Operations, Mrs. Pollard then introduced PEMDAS to the small group. Mrs. Pollard and the small group then worked together to solve Order of Operation problems using what was taught during their small teaching group.


The two remaining groups were using laptops while exploring with Study Ladder and Tenmarks. The Study Ladder group were working through a series of word problems that were previously assigned to them. Each student was assigned differentiated tasks so that the learning was individualized. After analyzing data, the students in the Tenmarks group were assigned more support with dividing decimals as their task.