Baby Neon

My Baby Information:
1) A colorless odorless mostly inert gaseous element that is found in minute amounts in air and is used in electric lamps.
2) Nickname: Ne
3) Birth date: 1898
4) Birth weight: 20.17
5) Birth height: 10
6) Race: Noble Gas
7) Attending physician: Morris Travers, and William Ramsay
8) Gender: Male
9) Place of birth : London
10) Personality: Boiling point -410.09F Melting Point -433.46F
11)Family Name: Noble Gas

Ultrasound of Neon

Family Members

What I want to be when i grow up?

I want to be a safety vest for people working in traffic, to keep them safe. I want bright  signs to inform people of things.I want to be  great nail colors to make someone nails pretty.

Final decision

My Neon is will be used as a lasers. Because scientists use lasers when making experiments. Doctors also use them in surgery. Lasers are my choose because it can help people.

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