Are you a...
Type 2: The Sensitive Child

Primary Connection to the World: Emotional
Primary Movement: Subtle and Flowing
Primary Need: To have feelings honored and everyone
in the family feel loved and connected

Often described as...

Agreeable, Calm, Careful, Cautious, Comforting, Concerned, Cuddly, Detailed, Easy going, Feels for others, Gentle, Graceful, Kind, Loving, Low-key, Pleasant, Pleasing, Quiet, Relaxed, Reserved, Sensitive, Soothing, Subdued, Sweet, Tender-hearted, Thoughtful

Negative labels...

Cry-baby, Overly sensitive, Pouty, Shy, Slow, Timid, Whiny

Physical characteristics...

Face Shape: Oval - their hairline often makes an S-curve.

Skin/Skin Texture: Soft, supple, with blended skin tones - sensitive skin, nappy rash, rashes from chemicals, responds well to water-based products with smoothing components like aloe or lavender

Cheeks: Elongated cheek, S-curve cheek or "jowls" - no obvious cheekbones or jawline, as cheeks blend in with everything else. There is a downward, softened movement to their cheeks.

Nose: Soft on top, S-curve on the sides and in the nostrils, medium size, slight bump on the bridge

Eyes: Almond-shaped eyes, heavy or drooping lids - may be described as doe eyes, when you follow the line of their eyelids from the inside of the eye to the outside, it always follows a downward sloping movement

Eyebrows: Half an oval, long S-curve, low arch, no angles - often blends with skin tone. Eyebrows ends have an obvious downward movement.

Hands: Long, soft, graceful fingers (and toes), fingers taper toward nail, oval nail bed

Body Language

Crawling: Scoot first, just enough to get around

Walking: smooth fluid movement, feet close to the ground, dragging feet, stroll

Sitting: Often lie back, most relaxed position possible, leaning on others, lounging

Standing: Relaxed bend with head to side, leaning

Voice/Language: softer voice, other may talk over them

Personal Space: Cosy and detailed with flowers, pictures etc. sentimental things, piles