France Here I come!
by: Corlette Estrada

Dear, queen Elizabeth I. I know the kingdom needs some natural resources I have decided to pitch in and I shall help the kingdom I will leave to explore France in 1593. I have been in this kingdom since I was born and I would like to help I will get  us some minerals, metal ,and high-quality soil. Wail I am there I will get myself some fuel, fish ,and timber. I want to get me some of this stuff because I would adore some fuel because in the winter it get awfully cold and I would like to make a nice warm fire I would like to get some fish so then I can eat some fish for dinner with my beloved family finally I would love to have some timber so I can make some boards and planks. I choose to go to France because I think there shall be some good stuff I can find and search for and I think France is a superb place to go to. Another country that is exploring is France they are looking for gold, salt, and good stuff to trade. I will handle the other Europeans or the Native people by battling  them I will fight for my county. I shall not give up I will explore till I die. I am expecting the following obstacles I expect disease I will try not to get to places that are where the disease is I will also expect bad water. I will overcome these obstacles by try not to drink water that doesn't look well to drink finally I expect lac of food so I will pack some food for my adventure.

by: Korina Estrada

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3 years ago

I love how you decided to "pitch in"