Severe Thunderstorms

How does A Severe Thunderstorm form?

A severe thunderstorm forms when warm air rises in the air and then falls into the cooler air below it. Both airs have to be very strong to mix. The main ¨indigents¨ in a thunderstorm are moisture, and high differences in air levels. These thunderstorms come from the cumulonimbus cloud, a huge lumpy rain cloud.

Impacts on Human life

In very strong thunderstorm, the wind which can be up to 58 MPH, can uproot small trees, and blow things off of houses. When the hail reaches 3 quarters on an inch, the storm will be considered as a severe thunderstorm. When hail like that falls it can damage cars and buildings, and kill animals. Another thing it can do is cause tornadoes, the lighting can kill people in some cases things like wood structures to start on fire. A big things that people also have to worry about is the flash floods. They can flood an area if it rains long enough.

The Thunderstorm in Wisconsin 2005

In August 2005 there was a massive outbreak of severe thunderstorms that lead a tornadoes. In the end there was 100s of thousands of cost lost in the repairs of the tornadoes. In the begging it started out with multiple thunderstorm which soon turned into many tornadoes.  

How to prepare

The first thing that you can do is go into your basement and get into a room with no windows. Make sure that you have food, water, flashlights, and an emergency kit. If you don't have a basement to into the lowest part of your house to stay safe.  

Now and Then

Back a long time ago more people would be getting killed because we didn't have the technology or internet to plan ahead so people can get out and go away so that they won't get hurt during the storm. We have also invested a harder outer area to things so that they won't be damaged as much as they could be.  

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