moon phases
by: adin boyd

  1. when I was 5, I asked "how does the moon work?? I didn't get In Western culture, the four principal lunar phases are first quarter, full moon, last quarter (also known as third quarter), and new moon. These are the instants when the Moon's apparent geocentric celestial longitude minus the Sun's apparent geocentric celestial longitude is 0°, 90°, 180° and 270°, respectively. Each of these phases is roughly 7.38 days long, but the duration's vary slightly because the Moon's orbit is slightly elliptical, and thus its speed in orbit isn't constant. If you have ever watched transformers 3, they talk about the dark side of the moon. when they said this, they meant the part that no one has ever explored. what i'm talking about is why the dark side of the moon is. its dark because when the 'dark side' isn't facing earth, its the 'light side'. the 'dark side' is when earth is behind the moon.       

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