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5 Tips By Being Safe Online

Tip Number One: Don't Add People You Don't Know.

The people that you are about to accept might not be who you think it is. Like if you think if a person that wants to add you  , so you better think twice before you click it.  

Tip Number Two: Never Give Out Your Information To People.

You should never give out information that you will regret giving out, for example don't give out your address because that's how people know where you live. People can harm you or hurt you badly more than yo can imagine.

Tip Number Three: Keep Your Passwords In One Safe Place.

Do not leave your passwords in a website, or tell a person. You have to keep them in a safe place because no one can hack you, so it's better to have them in a piece of paper and keep them hidden in a safe place, except your parents have to know.

Tip Number Four: Don't Do Anything That You Don't Feel Comfortable With.

Why would you do something you don't feel comfortable with, for example if a stranger tells you that he/she wants to meet you well you don't say yes because you don't know the person who your going to meet up with. Tell a person quickly if you don't feel goo about it.

Tip Number Five: Block People That Are Bothering You.

If someone is being rude/mean you block right away because you don't want people bothering you. You got to tell an adult to stop that person and tell them what happen.

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