How to Write a Expository Writing
By: Jedidiah and Tommy

First you write the topic you're doing in center bubble. Second, you start brainstorming using a bubble map, circle map,etc... Think of ideas that the topic is related to you or someone else. Imagine the picture in your mind then write.

Before we start writing, you must make your introduction, then you may have 3 reasons. The reasons need to be global in nature(which means the ideas need to be BIG). Also they have to be distinctly different from each other. Then you have to make your conclusion(ending).

Now let's start the rough draft. Mine is Where's your special place? Most of us has a special place but mine is TCE(Town Center Elementary).

Start writing the story and also include the reasons you brainstormed and also you have to include all the writing tools like punctuation, spelling, grammar.

This is my final copy. I fixed the whole story. Also you also have to correct/check the whole story to get the grammar, spelling, and punctuation right.

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