The high, The low...Zip-lines!      
                                                    By: Kyle S.

A zip-line is a huge wire connected to two different places. To use it, you hook yourself on with the pulley and your weight will pull you across. The first zip-line was invented by Natives in the Himalayas. They used ropes and cables. Most Zip-lines are just for fun, while others use them for scientific research. These scientist will zoom over tropical rain forest to see how high up it is or what animals live there. Read more to find out about Zip-lines!

  How Zip-lines work:

The way Zip-lines work is very easy, and also very complicated. The easy way is: you hook your self on with you lobster claw,(which is a type of hook) then you put the pulley on in front of it and just sit down on your harness. The complicated ways is: All of your weight is pulling you by when you sit down, the weight of you pull down the zip line down and the force pulls you forward.

There are are short, long, high, and low zip-lines. It doesn't matter how high it it, just who's controlling it.

Now do you think Zip lining is cool?

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