Jewish Women International
By Harold Dippman, Tyler McCrory and The Zachary Jacoby

"For ending violence against women."

Purpose. We at Jewish Women International are looking to promote the growth of independent woman. Our goal is to end domestic violence against women and help all women build strong and healthy relationships with the help of Jewish beliefs. We look to empower professionalism and help woman build towards their financial futures. Offering critical resources such as seminars, financial and relationship training, and support groups we will find a way to improve the lives of women worldwide and of the Jewish culture.

How many. Jewish Women International was founded in 1897. Became much larger in 1909 when it moved it's base to San Francisco. A network of 75,000 members are a part of JWI worldwide.  This Interest Group reaches all women of the world, especially Jews, also it includes Jewish and non-Jewish men around the world.

Why you should join. It is only $36 to become a supporting member and receive a subscription of their award winning magazine, "Jewish Woman", invitations to conference calls with Jewish activists, authors, and inspirational Jewish leaders. This is such a small contribution to a leader and champion of women's rights and a pioneer of overall human change. Also updates on JWI's government interactions are sent to all members. You should join JWI because they promote independent women and an overall change in society for the better. They have been healing the lives of emotionally disturbed children in Israel for more than 60 years through their cornerstone program, The Residential Treatment Center and are a catalyst for building women's personal safety and economic security.

Fuctioning/Operating: JWI has a proud network of active chapters nationwide, each representing JWI with an unflagging commitment to explore women's unlimited potential and promote JWI's important work. The home base of JWI is in San Francisco.

Issues addressed:Domestic Violence, dating issues, such as violence and abuse, women employment opportunities and their rights. Also conventions are set up for both girls and boys so that  they both can learn what a healthy relationship is. This helps promote healthy lifestyles and an overall change in society.

Data: Last year JWI chapters raised more than $300,000 through a variety of community-based programs, including:

  • Our Mother’s Day Flower Project and advocacy initiatives, which engage local community members in our anti-violence work.
  • Funding and ongoing volunteer support in children’s libraries created by our National Library Initiative, and in the domestic violence shelters that house them.
  • Community education: Expert speakers meeting with chapter members and community groups to discuss issues that affect women and children.

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