A girl named Kate gets her self a shabby old mask from a garage salesmen while leaving. She wanders around with the mask and thinks to herself, "I'll try and make sure I can make my friend get scared by this mask i'm about to wear," As she walks back home to her house in the woods, she walks up to the door and notices the door is locked. She say's out loud, "Hello, is anyone out there?" She starts to get some shivers down to her spine and starts walking to her cabin dorm where her friend was.

She was still having some problems being lost in the woods around her house because it was starting to become dark. She has noticed everyone's houses are actually just hiding in their houses from something... She thought to her self again "Why is everyone hiding? Is it this mask I am holding right now?" She made it to her friends house and noticed something was off. She always knows that her house is a pale blue house, but it seems that the house's paint color is brown, broken windows with shattered glass pieces on the ground. As she walked one more step to the door she knocked on the door, and realized that the door opened by it's self. She walked into the living room and saw the room was blank...Nothing was in their, just a blank room with nothing in it. As she stopped looking around in the living room she starts walking to the kitchen, she notices a bloody knife on the kitchen counter. She was puzzled and scared as she picked up the knife. As she picks up the knife she gets an immediate flash back. She notices she's wearing her mask and starts to see her own bare hands and the kitchen knife tearing up her friends skin to pieces.

She comes back to reality and notices that the mask might be cursed. She leaves the knife and mask right onto the counter. Right when she left the stuff on the counter she runs up to her friends room and notices all the stuff in the living room is all in her room. She also notices one lit up area in her room...She creeps up to the lit up area moving the living room objects out of the way, as soon as she went in she see's her friend hung to a wall and see's her skinned out of herself, and see's that she has made the worst mistake of her life... As she notices a strange sound (Cup hitting the ground *sound effect*) she turns around slowly, and see's the mask right on the ground. When she looked at the mask, the mask jumps up right up to her face... she screamed, and started running outside the house with the mask with the mask glued to her face... after she went back in the forest she never came back........ numerous reports have been said they have been searching her for more than 5 years, and some of the reporters than have been publishing news about her have been disappearing as well.... After some reporters have been reported missing they have stopped the search so no one could go missing or killed......

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