Parts of a River

By: C.Carballar-Mejia

There are more chances of buildings getting destroyed if you live in this area.

Floodplain: flat/wide of land along a river


The arrows are pointing at the down hills.

Watershed: area of high water going into low water


The source is at the top of the mountain.

Source: where the water begins


Mouth/Delta: sediments in rivers that exit into an ocean or river

Great Basin

The water is not connected to the ocean.

Great Basin: watershed where the water does not flow into the ocean


Mountains are the divides.

Divide: mountains or valley ranges that separate watersheds or rivers

Head Waters

water is flowing rapidly.

Headwaters: extreme upper reaches of stream

Lead Water: where the water gets cleaned

Down River

Floodplain is big

Down River: between headwaters and flood plains


Two small streams are flowing into a larger one.

Tributary: a stream or a river which flows into a mainstream

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