Meaning: Fire Keepers

Past History  

Potawatomi lived in the eastern wood lands and Prarie regions which is now Michigan state.

Present History

Potawatomi now live in Illinois,Ohio,Ontario,Canada and some live in Kansasand Oklahoma.


Potawatomi were farming people women gathered food and cooked food. Men would hunt deer, elk, wild birds and caught fish. The fruit and vegetables Potawatomi ate were corn, beans, squash ,tabacco, berries and rice.


In the past Potawatomi women wore deerskin dresses. Potawatomi men wore breech cloth leggings and deerskin shirts. Everyone wore moccasins on there feet and robes in bad weather.


Some Potawatomi live in wig mans which are dome shape houses. Others live in the houses we live in now.


Hunters and warriors used bows and arrows and wooden clubs. Fishermen used spears and nets. Other Potawatomi tools included sprouts and buckets for tapping maple trees and snow shoes for winter.


Potawatomi did crafts and played team ball games.

Interesting facts

Potawatomi speak English but some people speak Potawatomi language. To get around Potawatomi used birchbark canoes.(made from hollowed out logs)



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