Crew members aboard a ship at Belle Chasse have malaria

A ship in Belle Chasse has been infected with malaria. The boat came from west Africa which is currently dealing with a historic out break of the Ebola virus. The ship could have the ebola virus and not just malaria. This could lead to an outbreak in the U.S. of not just malaria but Ebola. One man in critical condition from the malaria was taken from the ship to West Jefferson Medical Center to be treated. This is important news because it shows a significant impact because there is somebody in the U.S. with Malaria that is capable of spreading the infectious disease. Also it relates to other topics such as the Ebola virus which could be aboard the ship that is currently docked in the U.S. which could kill and devastate many people in the US.

This is a picture of the boat holding the Malaria disease

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