Alice Walker

BY : Shamaryee Dalton


In the early 1900s many different movements took places that changed the lives of many people . these events had a great effect on Alice walker e . she paticipated in many movements and fought for women rights

Black Femenism

Black feminism is one of the Movements that affected lives in the 1900s . black oppression explains that sexism , class oppression , and racism bound together . Basis (sexism) typically against women on the basis of sex . Class oppression auttitude on the basis of class. Racism is she people are treated differently because of their skin color .

Black Power

The progress made by African Americans at achieving cival rights by violence in the 195os and early 196os . The use of violence is to accomplish black justice . African Americans wanted to have equal rights . They thought it was cruel to not have justice because of a skin color . African Americans had to fight for justice.

Black Arts Movement & islam

The black arts movement is the artistic branch of black power movement . The black arts movement is the most single movement in the history of African American literature . The nation of Islam is a syncretic religious movement found in Detroit Michigan . The no I started goals to improve the economic condition of African Americans .


This phenomenon woman has altered black women lives as a whole . She has helped to change the lives of many people . Alice Walker helped to gain equal right for women .