Kenneth's Life

Howard's English-7th

Kenneth with tree bark brown hair

Kenneth of Wind Hill Dr.

Kenneth whose brother is first Sergent is in midway's MCJROTC

is a likeable guy when you get to know him

works day and night no matter what

runs as fast as he can in soccer

drinks heavily after

exhausted he sits on the bleachers

walks to lunch and eats gratefully

Kenneth finishes the day with a sprint to the band hall

grabs his instrument and walks to the back door

jumps off and pridefully walks down the line of cars

because he has something to look forward to at home

Kenneth inside feels fine inside

inside he feels the steep hill of the day but keeps going

inside he feels the accomplishment of the day

is glad to see his car at that same slow line pace

hops in greeted by his mom

gladly responds with a ear to ear smile

jumps out the car into the driveway with his things

grabs a hot pocket and warms it up in the microwave

gets out his homework and works to dinner

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