What to Expect from Minoxidil Shampoo

Hair loss might go hand-in-hand with getting older for both men and women, but that doesn’t mean it’s a welcomed symptom of aging. For those who want to fight back against gradual thinning and hair loss, Rogaine shampoo and Minoxidil shampoo may provide the solution. It’s important, however, for people to understand just how these products work and what to expect from their use.

Minoxidil and Rogaine shampoo products are considered vasodilators. That means they stimulate the scalp by dilating its blood vessels. When these products have the desired effects, the dilation and promotion of blood flow can promote healthy, natural hair growth that can slow or stop thinning and promote regrowth of hair that has been lost entirely. For those who have excellent results with Rogaine or Minoxidil shampoo products, the result is the promotion of healthy hair growth that can reverse the signs of loss and promote self-esteem in the process. Before diving into the use of either product, however, people should know these things:

  • The products work best for hereditary hair loss –If hair loss is caused by a condition other than standard hereditary hair loss, these shampoos may not have the desired impact. People with hair loss brought on by medical conditions, for example, may simply not see the results they’re after in slowing or stopping hair loss.
  • The products should not be used by everyone – Minoxidil shampoo and Rogaine products cannot be used by everyone. Those taking certain medications or suffering from particular medical conditions should not use these products. Before staring the use of either Rogaine shampoo or Minoxidil, it’s important to review all currently prescribed medications with a physician to see if the active ingredients in either shampoo will pose a problem.
  • Women and men should not use the same products – While there are highly effective Rogaine and Minoxidil products for both men and women the doses of the active ingredients are different based on gender. It is important for men and women to understand the products are not interchangeable. Women who are pregnant or nursing also should avoid the use of these products.
  • Results take time and consistency – These products can promote the regrowth of a healthy head of hair, but they don’t deliver overnight results. For the best results, it’s vital to use these products as directed on a long-term basis.

Rogaine and Minoxidil shampoo products can deliver exceptional results. They are not for everyone though. To get the most out of their use, be sure the products are right for personal circumstances and use them as directed.

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