September 22, 1861

            Hello, my name is Morgan Anderson, I am 20 years old and am in part of the Union side. I live in Akron, Ohio. It is currently September 22, 1861.  I live with my husband, Kirk, who is serving in the war, stationed in Ohio, I also live with my three daughters , Sarah, (5)  Caitlin,  (3) and Maddi (2 months).

Day 1:

                Today I felt like I should help the war effort. In the morning my daughters and I all made a care package and sent it to the post office to send out to all the soldiers fighting. After that we hung up flags around our house to show that we were patriotic and that everyone else should be too. Later that afternoon I cooked dinner for all the family members of the soldiers and told them that everything would be okay so they wouldn't loose hope. After they all left we all  knelt beside our bed and preyed that all will be okay and that this war will end soon.

Battle of Buffington Island

Day 2:

Day 3:

          Today was just like all the others, I waited to get the news that the war was over, but it never came, cooked breakfast for my family, and took care of them. But today sirens went off near out house and the lights went out. After a couple of minutes they stopped and the lights returned back to normal, I was frightened. I sent the soldiers food and, medical supplies today, and I also sewed and fixed all the soldiers clothes. I prey everyday that all this will end and everything will be back to normal.

Day: 4

                      Well today was filled with mixed emotions, I got the letter back from my husband and he said that everything was all right and that he missed us so much. We all jumped with joy when we heard he wasn't hurt but then it turned into sorrow as I kept reading. Kirk had to be moved to a different state to fight in a different battle and he had to leave for 6 months.  He was getting sent over seas to Europe to fight. We will miss him so much. I hope he'll return soon.

Day: 5

           Today was a tragic day for the united states, Abraham Lincoln, one of Americas finest presidents, was shot in the back of the head earlier today. It didn't help the soldiers family that our leader had been shot and were left helpless. All I see now are droopy heads and tears when I walk down the road for my morning walk. No ones happy anymore, and im starting to loose faith. But I have to keep my head up so my family doesnt loose theirs.

        Everyday I still wait till my Kirk comes walking down the road towards our house. And i'll still keep waiting even if it kills me. Sarah has dreams everynight about him coming home, maybe its a sign, but we can only hope.

        Maddi has been sick for the past week with a whooping cough and a fever of 103. I worry about her all the time, we can't afford a doctor so were trying our best to keep her healthy and happy. I just wish all of this chaos would end and everything just be back to normal and everyone happy again.

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