Citric Acid (C6,H8,O7)

by Abby Rider

Citric acid or well known as sour salt, is a small white crystal-like substance. Citric acid is found in most citric fruits, and also can be found in strawberries, apples, brown rice, soybeans, and even wheat. Citric acid is in a variety of things you wouldn't expect it to be in: jellies, jams, meats, and it gives texture to processed cheese. Citric acid is used to give things a sharp/sour taste. When you think Citric acid, you don't think, " It's made up of elements, particles, atoms, and molecules." Do you? Well all these complicate, boring words make up a unique, sour, delicious taste! Citric acid has the following atoms: oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. Particles make up different things. Ladies, particles are very important...they make up your phone, makeup, clothes, and shoes, etc. Guys, this goes to you too, your footballs, Nike shoes, and all of your sports related equipment, etc. That you use on a regular daily basis, these are all made up of particles. The particles in citric acid is what makes it 3D. So you can see, touch, or breath it in. The molecules of citric acid makes the most important part of this substance, the solid part. Only four substances: water, fire, earth, and air make up different substances for example citric acid.

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