We Offer Paper Gift Bag in Large Quantities

Commercial products need not only good quality but also need to have the appropriate quality of exquisite packaging, especially in the era of the brand. So gift boxes and packaging are designed more beautifully to improve brand awareness and the role of value-added. As we all know, in today's commodity economy era, when consumers choose products, they pay attention to the product itself and product packaging as well. For example, suitable cardboard gift box for tea or native products is popular. That is to say, a proper gift box packaging can attract the eyes, and also let consumers like the products, making the sales increase.

Paper gift bag has the advantage of environmental protection, and it is easy to recycle. So it can save cost. With the international market of packaging of increasing environmental protection requirements, paper gift bag is the preferred packaging materials. In addition to the environmental protection, it has another characteristic, which is the ability to quickly achieve rapid logistics cost through the commodity inspection mark.
Our company is a professional packing enterprise and our productions mainly include wine boxes, watches boxes, jewelry boxes, jewelry box, food boxes and other kinds of paper cake boxes. Our company has a complete and scientific quality management system. We stick to “attentively customer trust” as the enterprise aims, adhering to the "customer first, increasingly innovation" business philosophy. We try to serve customers with quality services. Welcome friends from all walks of life to come to counseling, visits, guidance and business negotiation. If you want to order
Paper gift bag in bulk/wholesale, we promise give you the most profits and try our best to satisfy your need.
Our company supplies a lot of various kinds of paper gift bags. Starting from the date of the order and the payment reach company account, we deliver the productions within 5 days. If you order paper gift bag in bulk/wholesale, we can design for you according to your requirements and ideas. The minimum quantity is 500 and we can deliver products in about 25 days.
As is known to all that our company is specialized in wine boxes, watches boxes, jewelry wedding cake boxes, jewelry box, and other kinds of packaging production and sales. Our services mainly include the following. The company's annual welfare procurement, the companies promotional gifts custom, low gift custom all kinds of cocktail parties and other activities, merchants personally wholesale deals big customers professional custom low group and so on. We provide the paper gift bag with high quality. What’s more, we offer the service of paper gift bag in bulk/wholesale. Due to the large quantity, we must offer you the reasonable price. In addition, we can print your company LOGO and other text pattern on the cheap wedding cake boxes you ordered.

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