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Reasons for yourself to get HIV test:

1. Have you heard of AIDS? AIDS was caused by HIV, which is a kind of virus. It can attacks the body's natural defense system. Once immune system was damaged, people's body will have trouble to fight off disease.

2. There is a few or no symptoms up to 10 years or more before ones shows the syptoms of AIDS. Most people even didn't know that they have already been infected with HIV, which expand the spreading range of HIV. This is the key reason for the increasing of being infected with HIV.

3. There is no cure for HIV/AIDS, but treatment is available. The earlier know your HIV status, the earlier receive the treatment so as to prolong your life.

Reasons for families to get HIV test:

1. One of the common way for people to get infected with HIV is having sex. Because HIV was found in the body fluids, which can be passed from one person to another person through sexual contact or blood-to-blood. So, if you really love your partner, you should put his or her health first. It is advised for you to get HIV test in singapore HIV Clinic or receive treatment earlier. When having sex, do not forget to use the qualified condom.

2. As stated above, HIV can be spread through blood-to-blood. If a pregnant women has been infected with HIV, then she will pass the HIV to her baby during the pregancy and through breast feeding. Hence, for your baby's safety, for you have a healthy baby, keeping youself away from being HIV.

Want to reduce the risk of getting HIV?

Anybody can get HIV, but you can take some steps to protect yourself from HIV infection. The best way to avoid it should start from ways of being transmitted. For example, sexual contact can lead to HIV, then you have to limit your number of sexual partners and use condoms. Besides, sharing needles to inject drugs is at high risk of geting HIV. Hence, don't inject drugs. Apart from that, when getting youself pierced and tattooed, you have to make sure that the equipments are sterile.