Terry Hay of Hawaii - Leader in The Business Community

What do you think constitutes being a strong leader? In one leadership study, qualities such as assertiveness, passion, intelligence and conscientiousness were listed as the top qualities. Research clearly shows that leaders who are positive, inspiring, and who empower and others are the best leaders. Some of these qualities can be fine tuned over time. Here are a few of the top things others look for when following others.

First, a leader must understand their current leadership style. What are your strengths? Which areas need some improvement? Another quality is intellectual stimulation. Meaning when you are leading others, you should encourage others to express themselves creatively. Another key componenet in a real leader is that they be a role model. Tis means you must walk the walk and talk the talk. As a result, group members admire these leaders and work to emulate their behaviors. Lastly, good leaders should express sincere care and concern for the members of their group both verbally and nonverbally

Terry Hay of Hawaii says that being a good leader is about having an inner strength and character that looks for the greater good of a situation. Most people tend follow someone that they respect and look up to. He says that the thing he has found challenging when it comes to owning a business is that you most lead the way and be a role model for all of your employees. Terry Hay is a stellar businessman and entreprenuer who owns a successful food franchise in Hawaii.

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