Hope Floats  & You are Invited
Jan. 27 - Feb., 2014

The Refurnished and Newly Designed Carnival Triumph

Upper Level Interior Stateroom - 294.00
Upper Level Ocean-view Stateroom -314.00
Upper Level Baloney Stateroom -  464.00
These prices include 50.00 per stateroom,On board credit&Two Carnival Cruise Bags per stateroom___________________________
Graditity and Travel Insurance can be added as well.I can sell you Traveel Insurance that has more to offer and is at least 75% cheaper than Carnival Insuarance.

It starts with being prepared...

1. Down payment and additional payment plan:

    Now, ASAP... 100.00 per person to book stateroom and give booking numbers for online booking

     Sept 30, 2013, 100.00  per person to competle the deposit for each stateroom

     Nov 20, 2013 Balance Due Date

2. Roommate:

     The staterooms and pricing is set up to easily handle two persons in each stateroom; unless you prefer to room single. If you do not have someone in mind for a roommate, please let me know and I will be happy to assist you. Some rooms can handled three people; however, I know from experience unless you get a stateroom,  one of the baloney rooms will will able to sleep three people if at least one person is no taller tha be under 5' 4".in.

3. Legal documentation:

     Valid Passport and State Driver License or State Photo ID (This is the easiest way to cruise) or State complete Certified Birth Certificate with the raised seal and Driver License or State ID with Photo.

4. Personal Information Form for Cruise Registration:

      I will need the necessary information to complete your cruise tickets and travel insurance. Please, read over the necessaary information and make sure, to get the information to me in a timely manner. I will email these forms to you and you can email me back the information by an attachment for the benifit of emaiil safety. I will also, check my Facebook pritive messages for your responses as well. We will be using the following email for this cruise hopefloats2014@gmail.com or you can text me at 210.957.9530, please place in the subject line both of the email and text your complete name and Hope Floats. I will handle with care and shred and/or delete your personal information as soon as it is entered into your cruise account. I will then give you your booking number for you to register online or I will be happy to assist you with your online registration.

5. Payments:

     All money will be placed on your debit or credit card, if you do not have either of these forms of payment please see me concerning another payment path. A full refund can be had in a timely fashion.  Hope Center Church is not responsible for any reimbursements or responsible in any way concerning this cruise trip. However, all refunds and rules are administered through Carnival Cruise LIne and the Travel Insurance Company.

Oh my, what to pack and wear?

Concerning what to pack:

I will be sending out additional information concerning the necessary clothing for different types of events and port of calls.  However, I will tell you now, there is one formal night and the other nights are considered dresses casual. There is a washer, dryer, and dry cleaning.

Hope Float Pre-Cruise Party

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