The Field Trip


           "Wake up Sophia. You'll be late to your field trip!!" Mom yelled at me from the door way.

           I realized that today was our class field trip. Everyone's super happy because  this is our FIRST forth grade field trip, in May!!!

       I have to rush eating my cereal because I woke up late and the bus comes in ten minutes. Popcorn, my Welsh Corgi with the most adorable orange ears, is staring right at my untouched sausage with those big pleading puppy eyes. I give them to him as I grab my back pack to go. He still sits there wanting more. I tell him if he stops bugging me I'll play fetch with him

      "Wait!" Mom tells me as I head out the door," You forgot your lunch!"

     "Thanks!" I say as I sprint out the door to make it to the bus stop on time.

      The bus shows up about 2 seconds after I do. I have no air in my lungs when I climb on, I can only nod when the bus driver greets me with the usual 'Good morning, Sophia.'

      Right then I realize that my best friend, Abby, is on vacation in Florida. She's so lucky, she doesn't have to sit alone on the bus.  Since we can't talk about the trip I decide that I should think about the trip instead.

      When I walk in I find myself laughing at the fact that Mr.Chase, Probably the meanest teacher ever to walk the earth. On a second thought dinosaurs were meaner. Thinking about it, probably not, is running around telling kids to calm down and not run even though he's running.

     He stops short when he hears me laughing.

   "Why are you laughing at mejQuery21008694346914999187_1400858111758 Does everyone need to know??" Mr.Chase said SO loud that Mrs.Clark, our next door teacher, comes over and demands to know why he's yelling so loudly.

   The mean reply came, and it came fast," Sophia was laughing at me." He says me  like it was the worst thing that I could have said.

     Her reply came just as fast and just as mean," That's no reason to yell at  her."  Then she turned to me and said," Grab your bag and came with me."

     I do as she says and grab my stuff and go with her. We walk in to her classroom and her 10 kids all have there heads turned as we walk in.

    "Class Sophia will be with us today," says then adds,"We can do anything you want." We decide that we want to watch a movie about pandas.

      It seems like only 5 minutes pass when we here the intercom comes on to tell us to go. I look at the clock and 5 minutes had passed! We walk until we hear thunder and the feel rain. We walk back to the class disappointed that we can't have our lunch outside in the woods.

    When I get home guess who's sitting at the door waiting for me at the door. Yes it's Popcorn and he has his favorite red ball in his mouth. I reach down to hug him and steal the ball from him and run outside. He follows happily after me. We play til we're both out of energy.