1 Clean your dishes
2 Clean utensils
3 Wash your hands
4 use warm water
5 wash hands for 20 seconds or more

1 separate cooked from raw food
2 Throw out food that has gone bad
3 separate ingredients
4 keep dirty dishes from the clean
5 keep hair away from food

1 Cook food to its correct temperature
2 make sure all meat is cooked
3 make sure when you cook meat its not pink
4 use the right tools to cook
5 Arrange microwaved foods in a circular pattern

1 put food in the fridge when your done with it
2 make sure to put fruit in the fridge before it is past the 2 hour limit
3 chill pizza before the 2 hour limit expires
4 properly refrigerate all food once your done with it
5 use the freezer to eliminate bacteria

Note i really need a good grade on this because if my grade stays where its at my parents might put me in intervention (also the pictures wouldnt go in this) and i really dont want to go into intervention so please please please pleas please give me a good grade on this i also wasnt here when we started this so ya PLEASE

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