Hernando Cortes

The greatest explorer

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A Portrait of Hernando Cortes

No one know when Cortes was born but they say he was born around 1485 in Medellin Spain. Cortes grew up with a mom and a dad and studied law at Salamanca University. Law was not something he was interested in Cortes wanted to be a part of exploring the new world. So he left the university and joined an expedition to the West Indies led by Nicolas de Ovando with Diego Velazquez.

Achievements and Discoveries

Picture of Corteses exploration in Cuba.

in 1513 he explored cuba and established towns such as Bayamo, Trinidad, Santo Espiritu, Puerto Principe, and Santiago de Cuba

in 1519 Cortes explored the Yuctan peninsula

in 1519 he established towns in mexico such as La Villa Rica de la Vera Cruz

Cortes led an expedition from Cuba to Baja in 1533

Hernondo cortes discovered the aztec empire the aztecs refered to him as a holy god cortes headed to the capitol of the aztecs causing disagrements the aztec king was outraged when he set up camp in the capitol now spain was involved and sent soldiers after cortes to arrest him cortes tried to make the spanish soldiers join him after that he went to spain once more and rumors spread about if he killed his wife he tried to deny but it was too late december 2 1547 Hernando cortes had passed away.

Impact On Our World

A picture of Hernando Cortes

I think Hernando Cortes left in impact on our world by discovering Cuba and many parts of mexico he also left an impact on our world by discovering new civilizations and establishing towns some that still exist today and leading the way for more explorers to explore new places.

Map of all where Cortes explored

Picture of Cortes sailing to Cuba

Picture of Cortes fighting the Aztecs.

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