Mobile Learning with iOS

By clicking on each image you can navigate to the iTunes page for each app

Read with Me
-Allows for instructors to assess fluency in a much quicker, more organized manor

Frog Dissection
- a way to prepare students for upcoming dissections, this way they will waste less time and get collect more meaningful data (this was discussed by a couple of people in the group O discussion forum, so I decided to include it)

Math Board
-Drills can be put together quickly and the app also generates quizzes from wrong answers in order to encourage learning and growth

Class Dojo
-a class management app that allows the instructor to give instantaneous feedback on students which keeps an open line of communication between parents and instructors

Bamboo Paper
-this app allows students to have an interactive "smart notebook" at their fingertips, this would be great for children who have issues with organization with their notes

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