Obesity and heart disease

Rafael Chavez
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Robert H. Eckel

Obesity is an increasingly prevelant metabolic disorder. Left ventricular hypertrophy is common with people that are obese and there blood pressure is abnormally high. Abnormal high blood pressure is approximately three time more common in obese people than normal-weight people.  When weight increases the blood pressure increases too, and when weight decreases so does the blood pressure. People with congestive heart failure sodium restriction and small reductions in weight may improve ventricular function and oxygenation. Diet and regular physical activity prevents obesity to happen to small children and adolescents. There are 400 million adults that are obese, and 17.6 million  children that are obese. Being obese affect your heart because a larger body needs more blood, so the heart pumps more blood when your obese. Even if your blood pressure doesn't go up your heart can suffer from the extra workload. Obese people have high levels of getting there arteries clogged. Cholesterol gets stuck in your arteries you can suffer a stoke or a heart attack. 27.7% of adult are obese in the US

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