The Moon's importance
Steven Erickson
2 hour

The moon's rol

The moon causes many things. It causes moon phases, how the moon looks at night. It causes tides, spring and neap tides. It also causes eclipses, solar and lunar eclipses. It has many roles and it would be hard to live without it.

The moon has 8 phases, full, new, first and third quarter, waxing crescent and gibbous, and waning crescent and gibbous. There is one side of the moon we never see called the dark side of the moon. We have phases because of the motions of the moon around the Earth. The phases of the moon helps us know what month it is because it takes about a month for phases to go by. The moon phases also help us see at night when its not a new moon.

There are two types of tides, spring and neap. Spring tides are the combined forces produce a tide with the greatest difference between consecutive low and high tides. Neap tides are the least difference between consecutive low and high tides. Neap and spring tides happen about twice a month. They are mainly caused by differences in how much gravity from the moon and the sun pulls on different parts of Earth.

There are two eclipses solar and lunar. A solar and lunar eclipse has two types of eclipses total and partial. To see a total eclipse you have to be in the umbra. A partial eclipse means your in the penumbra. Eclipses happen when an object in space comes between the sun and a third object, and it casts a shadow on that object.

The moon is very important and it would make it harder to do things. It is the only natural light we have at night. It would make it harder for people to hunt at night because there is no light. It would be harder to come up with a calendar without the moon. It also would make tides not happen.

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