Life in Medieval Towns

Above you can see a picture of the Kingdom Come in a Medieval Town. This picture was taken by: Esther Levy. This picture has a lot of detail and tells us many things about the Medieval Towns in the middle ages. It shows how the weather was and how building and structures looked like.

In the beginning of the middle ages, a lot of people lived in the countryside. By 1200,  towns were growing larger and larger. Farmers came to towns to sell their crops and the revival of trade brought merchants with a whole bunch of kinds of goods to sell to the people.

As trade and commerce got larger,  so did the towns. Many people became powerful and wealthy enough to purchase their independence from their feudal lords. Guilds, became leading forces in their communities.

Life in towns was extremely crowded, noisy, and dirty. Diseases spread easily, and many people could not be cured with medicines that they had in that time. Crime was also a problem, and it was punished harshly. Besides these disciplines many types of leisure activities made life better for town dwellers including games, fairs, and religious plays put on by guilds.

The growth of towns, and of an economy based on trade and business represented a compelling change in people's way of life. Many historians believe these improvements prepared the way for large change at the end of the Middle Ages.

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