by Landon Boehm



1. You need to go outside during the day and get some friends make teams and get a rubber ball. 2.If you have a fence and have gates on each side you can try it. 3.Then one team goes on one side of the house the other team goes on the other side. One team yells Eney-Iney-Over then throws the ball over the roof if it goes off the side yell pigtail then re-throw. 4.If they catch the ball there going to run around the house and throw the ball at you if you get hit your on there team then there team will throw. 5.If you get every body on your team you win.


Sumo wrestling


1.Get your family or friends. Tell them to go get pillows make sure the pillows are big. 2.What you have to do is jump on them if they say get off and there out.So if you say get off your out. 3. Don't get crushed good luck!!!!


Directions 1.Get friends and make bases. 2.Have two people throw a tennis ball back and fourth then if you feel like it's a good time run to the other base if you get tagged you have one out. 3. If you get three outs you trade with some one to throw. 4. If you don't like that way you have two bases two throwers if you get tagged your fully out of the game till the next round.