#mothersday2015 #tackkthursday

My Mom is a hard worker who would do anything for my sister and I. She goes above and beyond everyday to make sure we have the best life possible. She drives my sister, Lexi, downtown every single day so she can go to a school with better advanced programs. My mom is constantly thinking about our futures. She drives me to volleyball several times a week and pays for it all. She says that we make her very proud, but also it is the other way around. My Mom is willing to help anyone. Which doesn't sound true but it really is. She treats all my friends and my sisters friends like there her own daughters. She treats everyone kindly no matter who it is and helps many people without them even asking. Shes sorta crazy but that's okay. I love my mom to death and even know we fight sometimes... I know she will always love me too! I cant imagine life without her... I wouldn't be 1/2 the person I am today with out her.  

Happy Mothers Day!!!

I love you to Carol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Madison your trouble maker


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