Get to know the girl behind the tackks

Hi I'm Reese Hunter!Most of you already know me from ACA.I am writing this blog to show you the girl behind the tackk which is me! (Pic below)

My favorite things to do include:
·Playing soccer
·Jumping on my trampoline
·Hanging out with my friends
·Going to six flags

My favorite places to eat:
·In & out burger
·Olive Garden
·T.G.I.F Fridays

5 most favorites things:
God-he sent his son to die on the cross for our sins.
My family-they support me and love me.
My Friends-they're really funny
Food-Come on who doesn't like food
Music-couldn't live without it!

My friends
My family
My bible study group
My bestie eden
Britney,me,micah,and madison
adah and i
tracy and i

my favorite singers/bands are:
-For King & Country
-skillet (no, not skrillex)
-Jamie Grace
-Family Force 5

For King & Country

The people in my family are:

me,my dog,and my sister

I hope you enjoyed this blog about me!!!