The Manawatu Gorge

On the 19 of November room 13 went on a trip to the Manawatu Gorge. The purpose of this trip was to learn about the wind turbines the big slip and the Nikau Palm.

The Trip

For the trip we had parents drive us. All the people in our class got to choose which car they would like to go in and the next morning at 8:15 they left in their.

The Track

The track that they walked on was really steep at the start then it eventually got less steep as the walk went on.

The Nikau Palm

As they walked along the track they came across lots of native plants and information boards.

Here's a Video

The big slip

In 2011 was the year that the side of the hill gave way covering the road and everything in the way. Room 13 went to see the big slip and learn about it.

Wind Mills

Towards the end of the walk they stopped to look at the wind mills because we are learning about energy, so it fitted in with the topic. The wind turbines were massive.


Overall it sounded like a pretty good trip and a fun trip to!  

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