Ramakrishna Vaddempudi - Staying Healthy

Ramakrishna Vaddempudi may be a software engineer and developer, a career that requires a sharp mind, but he is just as concerned about his physical health as his mental state. As a matter of fact, Vaddempudi would argue that they are one and the same, and that the mind and body share a connection, and can only perform optimally if both of these systems work in tandem. Vaddempudi says that much like how software cannot operate without the proper hardware, a mind cannot operate properly if its body systems are out of whack or improperly nourished. That is why Vaddempudi takes time out of his day to exercise using a rigorous and consistent routine, and makes sure to eat fresh, whole foods that are organic and pesticide free, as providing the proper fuel for your body is also important. Vaddempudi likes to run to keep his cardiovascular system in shape, saying that many of the other cardios that exist simply are not as effective in his eyes. Vaddempudi also likes running because it gives his mind time to reflect as well. Vaddempudi believes that running is an activity that exercises the mind and body together, especially if you are the type to listen to music while you run, much like he does.

Most of Ramakrishna Vaddempudi's diet consists of whole natural foods, including massive doses of fruits and vegetables, as well as fibers and proteins. Vaddempudi's diet is not very carb heavy, but when he does eat carbs he makes sure they are whole grain and pesticide free. Vaddempudi does this because additives and chemicals in non-organic food can be harmful to the body, effecting overall health, as well as inhibiting gains if you are weight lifting.

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