Working Class in Victorian London

The Victorians liked to have their social classes clearly defined.The working class was divided into three layers,the lowest being 'Working  Men'or labourers ,then the intelligent artisan and above him the educated working man in reality things were not so tidily demacrated.

A skilled London coach -maker could earn up to 5 guineas a week-considerably more than most middle class clerks.this was the top of the working class pyramid.the railways generated employment for porters and cab drivers.The London omnibuses needed 1,600 drivers and conducters,by 1861. Conducters were allowed to keep 4 shillings a week for a Working Day beginning at 7.4s and ending often past midnight.A labourer's average wage was between 20 and 30 shillings a week in London,probably less in the provinces.This would just cover his rent,and a very sparse diet for him and  his family.

One of the main reasons that working class women had such trouble getting by Victorian England was extreme dispartly between theirs and the upper class,both in econmic and social term.

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