Murder Mystery of Jonbenet Ramsey

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JonBenet Ramsey was murdered the day after Christmas in 1996. In the 90's Bill Clinton was president and crime rates had tremendously fallen while capitalism was spreading. It was a time of technology and growth, the economy in the 90's led to low unemployment rates. Technology became a big part of daily life, the ".com" business changed the ways of peoples life. When 9/11 occurred the economy had to build itself up, in 1997 it was back on its feet .The murder of the 6 year old occurred in Boulder, Colorado in the Ramsey home. The world viewed JonBenet as little girl in heavy makeup and flamboyant costumes , and now will forever ask who the killer of the beautiful 6 year old is.

The unimaginable :
Jonbenets body was strangled and beaten found in the basement of the Ramsey home on the day after christmas. a rand jury found enough evidence to accuse the parents of Jonbenet Ramsey for child abuse and first degree murder of their 6 year olds death. nearly a decade after, dna evidence cleared the parents. The prosecutors of this murder case was the police department of Boulder, Colorado in which the Ramsey family resided in. The underlying fear was that two parents would kill their pageant queen, once the police of Boulder concluded to the parents being responsible for the murder people went along with it leading to accused parents.

Even after 1999 and 14 years later documents shed no light on who was responsible for the child beauty queens death. And authorities are no closer to finding her killer. A grand jury met three years after Jonbenets murder and Dna left behind an involvement of a "unexplained third party" not the Ramseys or their son, Burke.

-In 2008 District Attorney Mary lacy exonerated the girls parents and immediate dna evidence pointed to an unknown male as the killer
Former teacher John Mark Karr accused in the U.s with sexual assault, first-degree murder and kidnapping charges in the death of jonbenet Ramsey
-Mr. Karr was living in a sketchy neighborhood including several agencies catering to "sex tourists".
-Karr told reporters that he was with Jonbenet Ramsey when she died, that he only intended to kidnap the child for $118,00 ransom. THen after kidnapping her he "accidentally " killed her
-the man confessed he was in love with the 6 year old, and never intended to hurt her.
-He lost his teaching licensure in 2002 and the case against Karr has been dropped, Dna taken from his cheek swab did not match the foreign Dna found at the scene.

Not yet an ending :
The public opinion of the accused is still not different than before, the publics opinion and views on the murder vary. Some believe the Ramsey parents are responsible while some assume no parents would kill their six year old little girl. The Ramsey parents still remain un responsible for the death of Jonbenet, as well as Karr. The prosecutors of the accused still remain the same, the Boulder Police accuse the Parents of Jonbenet. Public opinion has become swayed as to who is to be accused, as well as ethics.

The murder of Jonbenet Ramsey compares to the Crucible because of the falsely accused people involved. In the crucible fingers were pointed at innocent puritans who were believed to be witched and then hung as a consequence, while in the murder of jonbenet her parents were accused of the murder by the police on the scene when in reality no evidence has proved their responsibility true. When in both the Crucible and in the case of jonbenet the publics reaction was that they believed they were accusing the right people for the right reasons.

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