religion created by the Persian prophet, Mani, in the 3rd century over the meaning of light and darkness

1. What did they believe about God and the Bible? They believe that there are 4 people in the Trinity, instead of the Catholic belief of 3 people. St. Augustine believed that when the Bible was created a something bad and it had not purpose, they also believed that there was a good and a bad god.

2. What did they believe about creation? They believe in many different creations- 3 creations in total.

1- The first things created in the 1st story of creation: the Mother of Life, the First Man, his five sons, Ether, Wind, Light, Water, Fire,

2-the first things created in the 2nd story of creation: the friend of the lights, the great builder, the living spirit, his five sons, the keeper of splendor, the king of glory, the Adamas of light, the king of great honour, atlas.

3- the first things created in the 3rd story of creation- the third messenger, Jesus the splendor, the maiden of light, the 12 virgins of light, the column of glory, the great nous, his five limbs, reason, mind, intelligence, thought, understanding, the just justice, the Last God

3. What did they believe about the Human Person? The soul comes from God and is considered a gift. The body comes from Satan, and is seen as something bad.

4. How did their beliefs oppose Christianity? Manichaeism has an answer for everything while Christianity does not. The beliefs oppose Christianity because God created the body for good and that we are to give one another to each other. Yet God to gave us the soul.

5. How could Theology of the Body be used in an argue against them? It can be used against them because they believe that the body is evil and that they were something given by Satan. Yet Christianity teaches that through Theology of the Body, we are called to give ourselves to one another and that are body serve a purpose and that it is good.

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