Oil sumative

By : cameron lee

This is a oil derrick just like the one at spindell top. Spindel top was important to Texas. Spindeltop was the first oil derrick to find alot of oil. So like i said they found alot of oil at spindel top, they found 70,000 to 100,000 barrels of oil every day.

So how did oil effect Texas economy? First it gave Texas a new way to make money. Also it gave Texas more jobs. Last the richest man in america made his money on oil.

oil changed the world after the boom. Well it give us a way of transportation(cars). Also it gives a new way of light(lanterns).last it gives america something to trade with the rest of the world.

The oil boom also effected education in Texas. Roy cullen donated 11 mill of his oil money to education. So people could build more schools and bigger schools. Also they could add on to schools.

There where alot of products made from oil. Like footballs,gasoline, mops, tennis rackets, pillows, fan belts, basketballs, and trash bags. Those where just some. They make things you won't believe, they make toothpaste and toothbrushs.

These are products made from oul

These are products made from oil

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