Creating  a Caring Classroom

There are no ideal classrooms all the time,but most teachers believe that building a positive atmosphere helps.

Positive Relationships

Positive relationships are vital to create a caring classroom. Learning students name, and knowing them as an individual. There should also be an adult in the room, create a balance between authority and friendliness. Having the students work together to make good relationships, is a method that works for all grade levels, there are different ways to engage students of different ages. For elementary, the teacher may have lessons on friendship as to a high school teacher making the students work together to make a get well poster for the teacher next door.


One of the most essential elements in any class, Respect. Teachers should not only expect respect from the students but should also give them respect. Teachers should use grouping strategies that allow the students to work with everyone in the classroom. Respect lets the students in the room have a sense of security, they can ask any question or state any opinion without the fear of being ridiculed.

Student Involvement

Ask the students how they feel about the class that they are in, ask them if there should be any changes. This lets the students know that their opinions matter, and it makes the room more enjoyable when they see things that they want to see. When asking the students for their feedback, make sure to follow through on the things that they are suggesting.

Class Identity

The students should see themselves as a group. The togetherness that a baseball or basketball team has. Start the day off by doing something the requires them to work together.

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