NPowell, Mr. Kirkland, February 17, 2014

In Mr. Kirkland's class, we are doing a project on chapter 1. Chapter 1 is all about drawing conclusions from sets of data. In the graphs below the data sets are a connivence sample on transportation to and from school for the students in Mr. Kirkland's 2nd period Math III Honors class.

The problem that continuously came up was how long it took to get back and forth. So for a solution, I took another connivence sample, in the same class of Mr. Kirkland's, about switching the cars and buses with go-karts which would cut down a lot of time; for the right price.

The only difference from my go-karts and this go-kart is that mine will have head lights on it for those students that might have late night practices, games and things that require a little more time past daylight hours. The next graph is a connivence sample of if the students would rather pay $5, $10, or $15 per day to rent a go-kart.

In conclusion, the majority of the class would rather pay $5 per day to drive a go-kart around for a total of 24 hours. As a side note, the students would rather have the go-karts go 55 mph than 70 mph (this would be the only change that I would need to make before producing my product).