Curley's Wife

Provocative - Isolated - Desperate

All I wanted was...

somebody to keep me company

to be in pitchers

to leave my ol'lady

to be free

all them nice clothes

But I didn't want...

to be livin' on a farm

to be locked up and awful lonley

to be married to Curley

to be looked down on

to die

Character Development

Curley's wife blames her mother for her failure as a movie star because her mother would not let her leave at 15. Because of this, she marries Curley as revenge but becomes disappointed with her marriage and her life. Curley locks her inside the house, causing his wife's deep loneliness.

Character Interactions

With Lennie, Curley's wife discretely flirts with him after he hurts Curley, and she patiently has a conversation with him, trying not to hurt his feelings. She obviously flirts with Slim, acts nicer around him than anyone else, and constantly asks for him. On the other hand, Curley's wife treats Crooks horribly by insulting and threatening him for nothing but the color of his skin. This tells us that Curley's wife only cares about herself and only interacts nicely with people who can benefit her.

Plot Influence

Curley's wife approaches George and Lennie towards the beginning of the book and asks if they have seen Curley. George doesn't respond, claiming he does not want to talk to a troublemaker. At this point, Lennie becomes fascinated with Curley's wife and she notices Lennie staring at her; Lennie then suggests to leave the farm. Moreover, after Lennie kills his puppy, Curley's wife comes up to him, looking for someone to talk to. She acts nice and tells Lennie to pet her hair and he ends up killing Curley's wife. Because of this, Lennie runs away from the farm and George kills Lennie.

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