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Volume 14

January 12, 2015


Jets being bold in Drama class. #jetlife #jchsfaculty

Bold Actors at JCHS

Mrs. Patel's Beginning Drama students are creating relationships and building their confidence in this getting-to-know-you activity. Students are asked to write three facts about themselves on an index card, then Mrs. Patel mixes them up and redistributes them to different students. A student then reads a fact from the card-boldly- to the student they believe the fact is about.

One student boldly claimed to another, "You are born in New Mexico!"

"No, I am not born in New Mexico," he boldly replied.

Third student stepped forward, "I was born in New Mexico," she boldly exclaimed.

Not only does this activity allow students the opportunity to build relationships with each other, it empowers them as actors to confidently embrace their role.

Making claims and drawing conclusions in APUSH. #jetlife #jchsfaculty

APUSH Students Make Bold Claims

Mrs. O'Donnell's APUSH students were drawing conclusions and making claims about past presidencies. Using a fact sheet they researched and created, students examined the political policies of a few presidents including Grant, Garfield and Cleveland. Then they created claims about the state of the country during that particular presidency. Student conversations were extremely powerful.

Student- "The reason he (president) did that was probably, because citizens were..."

Student- "So why was there even a populist party then?"

Student- "Well if look at our notecard, it says..."

Mrs. O'Donnell guided her students through the difficult task of creating their claims and finding historical evidence to back them up. This prepares students for the AP exam essay questions which requires them to construct multiple claims, and support them with data and commentary.

Mrs Lilavois is the Lorax and she speaks for the trees. #jchsfaculty

Boldly Speaking for the Trees

Mrs. Lilavois's APES classes are making connections with Dr. Seuss's The Lorax and current environmental issues. After reading The Lorax, students created charts mapping connections to events in the book and present environmental issues including deforestation, energy consumption, waste disposal and soil erosion. This activity incorporated analysis- claim, data, commentary, and reinforced the structure of APES exam questions, in addition to building critical thinking skills.

Jets Create Bold Patterns

Mrs. Shamwell's classes are receiving accolades for their recent designs.

Mrs. Shamwell reports:

"Monica Jones and Zada Campbell won 2nd Place in the High School Division. They choose a complicated traditional pattern.  It looks simple, but it is very challenging due to the size of the pieces.  Their design was called "Beyond Infinity."

Mary Haddock, Deja Howard, and Destiny Delao won 3rd Place in the High School Division.  I am sending a copy of their individual one...it is called "Twas the Night Before Christmas."  There is a tremendous amount of hand stitching involved in this one!! 

There were over 500 students involved, and 316 blocks were submitted for this year's challenge.

ALL the blocks will be on display at the National Quilt Museum through March 10, 2015.  The winning blocks will be on display through September! 

There will be an awards ceremony on Saturday, January 24th at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY  Family and friends can attend for free."

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